Seven Reasons the 2020 Election Never Should Have Been Certified that Ronna Romney McDaniel Refuses to Address

Ronna Romney McDaniel may claim that she is leading the efforts to protect your vote but unfortunately, there is little evidence that Ronna Romney McDaniel (Mitt Romney’s niece) had little if anything to do with the major preparations for the upcoming election.

A Message to GOP Chair Ronna McDaniel: Don’t Tell Republicans to Vote Early – Please Wise Up

Just today McDaniel sent out a massive email asking for money for the Republican Party.  In the mailing McDaniel says that Republicans are the ones to vote for because the last time they were in charge (no credit to President Trump) the world was safe:

We are all ready for change. And Americans know that Republicans will deliver. A recent NBC poll found that on the economy, crime, and border security, Republicans hold the largest edge over Democrats in the poll’s history. That’s because the last time Republicans were in charge, our border was secure, our Border Patrol was respected, and Mexico was sending its own troops to the U.S.-Mexico border to keep things under control.

Ronna then shares that the answer is Republican leaders like Kevin McCarthy, Frank Luntz’s roommate.

According to McDaniel, globalist Kevin McCarthy is the one to save the day in place of President Trump and he will bring Republicans together as well.

Just like President Trump got Mexico to secure its border and close asylum loopholes, Republican leaders like House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy are ready and prepared to unite Republicans behind effective policies that restore safety and secure our borders. House Republicans lay these out in their “Commitment to America,” which includes ending catch-and-release loopholes, requiring proof of legal status to get a job, eliminating welfare incentives, and funding effective border enforcement.

What nonsense, McCarthy has done nothing to indicate that he is willing to tackle the America-destroying actions of the left.

The one thing that is never mentioned in McDaniel’s memo and most, if not all of her memos since the 2020 Election, is election integrity.  The 2020 Election that never should have been certified was stolen for Joe Biden under her watch and she still says nothing.

See McDaniel’s request for money below.

Ronna Romney Letter Redacted by Jim Hoft on Scribd

In Ronna Romney McDaniel’s letter, she missed a few things on the greatest crime in history – the stolen 2020 Election.  Below is a partial list of activities that occurred in the 2020 Election that McDaniel is apparently unaware of. 

1. McDaniel ignores the fact that Americans were locked out of election counting facilities while counting was going on.  When this occurred, the election should have stopped and been done over.  This was the only legitimate remedy.  The entire election from that point on was invalid.  This occurred in major cities across the country.

2. There were so many anomalies in the results of the 2020 Election that the election certification process should have stopped and the results reviewed under a microscope to determine the causes of these obvious invalid results, but this never happened.

3. There were patterns in the data that supported the final results that included patterns that should not have been there.  These patterns in data were a symptom of invalid results.

4. Absentee ballots were inserted into the election but we don’t know where they came from because we have no chain of custody documentation on them.  Over a million ballots came into the 2020 Election in key swing states without chain of custody documentation to support where they came from.

5. We also have no idea who inserted millions of ballots into the election.  This is because signature verifications were essentially or materially turned off in multiple states.  Wisconsin, Nevada, Arizona, Michigan, and Pennsylvania basically did not check signatures on mail-in ballots.  Canvassing work after the election pointed out tens of thousands of votes in the 2020 Election with flaws.

6. The election systems that were used across the country were not properly and adequately certified.  This is because the voting system testing labs that performed the certifications leading up to the 2020 Election were not properly accredited themselves.  Any results from these machines should have been discounted because of this fact.

7. The voting systems and machines themselves had too many flaws to be used in any election.  These flaws were pointed out for years leading up to the election.  The funny patterns in reporting came from these systems.  In the corporate world, if a system had as many major flaws as these voting systems do, they would never be put into production in the first place.

HUGE: CISA Releases Much-Anticipated Report on Dominion Voting Machines – Reveals Software Is Exploitable and Attackers Are Able to Insert Malicious Code to Alter Results

There was more than enough evidence to provide objective individuals reasons to not certify the election.  Instead, the election was certified for Joe Biden.  Certifying the uncertifiable election for Joe Biden was a crime.

Joe Hoft was an international corporate executive in Hong Kong and has overseen and performed hundreds of audits around the world.  He’s written two books to date on the 2020 Election Steal.  These issues above are detailed in these books. 

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